After Action Report: Kolache Parade…

May 7th turned out to be a beautiful day, even if it was a bit warm. There were quite a few cases of heat stroke throughout the day and you could hear the ambulance every couple of hours or so.

Dugan and I had a lot of fun. We managed to get placed right in front of the cheerleaders in the parade, (hehe), and had a good time riding loops and doing wheelies or sharp turns to entertain the crowds. Had a few scary moments, Dugan and I both almost dropped our bikes our couple times, and I eventually DID. But no serious injuries, to bike or person (I do need yet another new pair of handle bars though… -.-).

Overall it was a great day, even till the end with the street dances and everyone making a fool of themselves. Hope to see more folks there next year, and perhaps a few more in the parade itself.

As well, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Be sure to give all of your mother’s a big hug!

And one final note, I think it’s safe to finally change our name to something that isn’t quite such a mouth full. ;) Perhaps just the “Oklahoma Dual-Sport Association”?

- Jeffrey Murphy, Founder

IPDSRAA taking a trip to Branson, MO…

Dugan, Guy, and I are sitting here with maps spread out all over creation trying to figure out a route to get us from Chandler, Oklahoma to Branson, Missouri, taking as small of roads as possible. Hopefully we can get to Arkansas and Missouri fast enough to enjoy all the twisties before nightfall.

Anyone interested in tagging along, be sure to contact me (info below).


  • 2 Day/1 Night Ride
  • Chandler, OK to Branson, MO
  • May 14 & 15
  • Meet at motorcycle museum on 66 outside of Chandler (west) @ 8:00am
  • Contact:

Getting ready for the parade…

Well, its been a few days with no update. Been rather slow really. Been raining and haven’t had a good day to go out riding yet.

Dugan’s and my czech costumes are coming along (thanks mom!). We’ll be quite a sight to see, wearing fancy traditional Czech clothing and riding dirty dual-sport bikes. Haha!

We still haven’t received any info on where we are in the parade or what time line up is. I suppose if we still haven’t heard anything by the day of we’ll just hop in where ever we can find space!

We’ll try to keep ya updated.

Jeff Murphy

(PS: Just noticed that the headline for the page cuts off the “of America” part of IPDSRAA. Now that’s going to annoy the crap out of me…)

IPDSRAA riding in the Kolache Parade

To any of you who don’t know (most of you more than likely), there is a small Czech heritage festival held each year on the first Saturday in May (the 7th in this case) in Prague, Oklahoma called the Kolache Festival. Dugan and I plan to make our grand entrance this weekend by riding through the parade on our bikes in our custom czech costumes! I just turned in the application today and am waiting to hear when and were we are supposed to form up for the parade on Saturday morning.

Anyone else wanting to ride with us, feel free to contact me and we’ll tell you the specifics of when and where to meet us. And even if you don’t wish to ride in the parade, show up anyway for some fun! There’ll certainly be enough of it, as well as sweet pastries.


  • Kolache Festival
  • May 7th, 2011
  • Prague, Oklahoma 74864
  • 9:30am till midnight
  • Contact: jeff_murph(at)


Jeffrey Murphy (Founder)

New Website and uh… New Organization

Today, you witness the birth of a new organization! All for one purpose, to give a name to my friends and I so that we may ride through a parade. Behold, the newly founded (as of yesterday) International Prague Dual-Sport Riders’ Association of America!!

Actually, the only thing that makes sense in all of that is the “Dual-Sport Riders” part, but we decided to add on all the extra words to make it sound more┬ábone fide!…

Be sure to check back here for the latest updates on our grand adventures! We’ll be sure to post up any upcoming events and ride reports.


Jeffrey Murphy, Founder